Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Chris' & Pitt's

As I painted this old rickety sign I thought about all the families that had visited this restaurant at one point or another. I wonder how good the sauce tasted. I wish I could have eaten there. I did happen to do a little bit of research and found that:

" The year was 1940. Chris Pelonis had a dream to open a restaurant and serve the best BAR-B-Q in the world. On a wing and a prayer, and a loan of $2000 from his father, a Greek immigrant, he began his search for a good location. In a defunct dry cleaning shop on Tweedy Boulevard in Lynwood , Chris™ & Pitt™s Bar-B-Q Restaurant was born. There was sawdust on the floors, wood benches, and the customers flocked in. Chris spent his days at his restaurant and his nights in his own kitchen experimenting with recipe after recipe until each one was perfect.
Fast forward to today. Chris Pelonis still oversees the Chris & Pitts restaurant chain, with the help of his family. Chris & Pitts is the home of the live wood fire, and customers, returning time and time again, still say the food is..."The best bar-b-q in the world."

I copied the above noted quoted information from the link attached.

Original/Signed Painting

Acrylic on Deep Cradle Canvas
12" x 12" (305 x 305 mm)

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